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What’s with all the hype?


What’s with all the hype or should I say lack of hype about the hundreds of new domain name extensions flooding the market. Extensions like .center .futbal .kim and so on are all going live this year and some come with a hefty price tag. The big registrars are going to do very well promoting these but will so many extensions be good for the internet? Well only time will tell but I think it will just become one big head ache for internet surfers. It will be like remembering a web site with an address like or

Will people take companies seriously with these extensions? I think those that get the best generic names may do well like but what about it just doesn’t cut it for me. I don’t think people will remember these new names. We already have com net org info biz and all the country codes like ca us ch de fr es…. Do we really need and estimated 1500 new extensions to remember?

Back in the day when the internet was young we had many personal websites that looked like this: – This isn’t much of an improvement over those days. You can still get decent names with the current extensions like com and net. You have to be creative these days to get a good name. Everything short and sweet is taken now but everything short and sweet will be taken with these new names by domain investors as well. If you have to choose a domain that is longer than you would like because the shorter versions are taken, then make sure you pick . com .net. People will remember your name much easier. Well that’s just my opinion. I’m also a domain investor and I’m not buying any of these new name extensions with one exception, I’ll buy the new .web extension when it goes live next year. It’s internet related and easy to remember.

Update: I did try to buy and was very excited when it came up as available. But when I tried to add it to my shopping cart to pay, I got a message saying I had to register it via some other method… I was then taken to a page that showed me the real price. 10,000 or something close to that, I forget actual price and don’t care to go through the steps to get the current price. But my point is that these new domain extensions are a big rip off. The registrars are making a killing off these names. Good names range from a few hundred to a few thousand to register. And on top of that, you have to pay this ridiculous price¬†annually.

Here are just a few of the 1500 new names that will be available in a year or so.

.academy .agency .bargains .berlin
.best .bike .blue .boutique
.builders .buzz .cab .camera
.camp .careers .center .cheap
.clothing .club .codes .coffee
.company .computer .condos .construction
.contractors .cool .cruises .dance
.democrat .diamonds .directory .domains
.education .email .enterprises .equipment
.estate .expert .exposed .farm
.flights .florist .foundation .futbol
.gallery .gift .glass .graphics
.guitars .guru .holdings .holiday
.house .immobilien .institute .international
.kim .kitchen .kiwi .land
.lighting .limo .link .maison
.management .marketing .menu .ninja
.photo .photography .photos .pics
.pink .plumbing .properties .recipes
.red .rentals .repair .reviews
.sexy .shiksha .shoes .singles
.social .solar .solutions .support
.systems .tattoo .technology .tienda
.tips .today .training .uno
.vacations .ventures .viajes .villas
.voyage .watch .wiki .works
.xyz .zone

Are you getting dizzy yet?