Sells for 8.8 Million This Week!


There’s not much from the 90s adult industry that has a resale value worth millions today.

Still, a Boca Raton man managed to sell the domain for $8.8 million to an unnamed company in Prague. To be exact, it sold for $8,888,888.88 — an all cash deal handled by

The domain was sold by Rick Schwartz, the self-proclaimed Domain King, who bought from a college student for $42,000 in 1997.

Despite its name, the site doesn’t exactly feature porn, instead it redirects traffic to other adult sites, which has made Schwartz somewhere around $10 million since the late 90s, according to a news release.

Brandon Abbey, president of, said the deal was one of the largest domain sales the company has ever handled.

Schwartz said he plans to sell domains like,, and 12 other three-number domains that are heavily in demand in China. For instance, recently sold for $800,000, he said.


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